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Mituri barbare din jurul Pithylos-ului

At first, there was only the Great Wyrm of the Waters, which dwelled in the endless seas of blackness. To amuse itself, from hardened sea salt she made Buxut/Vuxotes the Maker as a plaything and slave, and gave it of her life, that it may live and feel.

Greatly did she torture Buxut, like a child would an insect. Until Buxut, watching her sleep, learned of how her impenetrable scales were set, and learned how to strike beneath them.

Buxut made of salt a blade, a shield, helmet and thorax, shaped them with her saliva and hardened them with her breath while she slept.

So, in her same sleep, it cut her deeply and spilled her blood, for which the sea boils yet.

Buxut made the world after it has slain the Great Wyrm of the Waters. It tore the Wyrm’s bones and made mountains, from her teeth made forests, metals from her scales, and the soil from her muscles. Animals he made from her soft flesh.

All this was revealed to us by Krer, the last shaman of the false spirits.

Buxut hid her brain in the highest mountains, away from us, to safeguard her knowledge of evil from the world. But the world it made was flawed, imperfect, for it was just dead flesh. Nothing moved, for there were no forces to animate things, no spirits and no other intelligences, save Buxut alone.

But the Wyrm was learned of such things, Buxut knew. So it went to the Tall Place and ate of her brain, that it may have part of her wisdom.

What it learned, Krer would not or could not tell us, or did not know himself. But he did teach us that Buxut ripped itself to shreds and threw its life all over the world, and that the world came to life.

So was the world animated, when the life of Buxut seeped into the dead world and latched onto its things. So came spirits, and so came the first men and women, after Buxut ripped itself apart into halves at first.

So came demons, for Buxut had eaten of the Wyrm and she was within it. So came all the evils of the world. So, too, came the small gods of places and things, who record and know the passing of time and the workings of things, innumerable parts of Buxut.

The last part of Buxut, its imperishable essence, hid in the deeps of the world, and there it called Krer, when it decided that the shamans would be no more. It taught many things to Krer and bade him give sacred pieces of it in the care of the tribes, that its work would not be wasted.

Before his passing into the darknesses of Buxut the Maker, Krer gathered the chieftains of the tribes and told them that the armaments of Buxut lie hidden in the Blacknesses Beneath, and that it has allowed their use should they be found, should something monstrous be born from the Wyrm’s remains.

That is why the tribes remain separate, that we may protect our sacred pieces of the world, which is the Maker’s work entrusted to us, and not to rule upon it in mockery of Buxut’s will.

That is why our work will never cease.

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